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Rippler Group provides fractional CMO, growth marketing, and on-demand marketing expertise to increase brand awareness and demand generation for B2B Seed-to-Series C tech startups. We help businesses simplify marketing and build an engine for revenue growth.

what we do

We do one thing, and do it well: Run your Growth Program.

For emerging B2B tech companies looking to accelerate their growth, Rippler Group delivers marketing advisory and interim Chief Marketing Officers on a fractional or project basis to tactically and strategically build and scale growth programs.

Fractional CMO

A Fractional CMO is responsible for the same tasks as a full-time CMO but in a part-time capacity. They focus on developing and implementing a marketing strategy to support their client’s large business goals.

Clients can enjoy the best of both world – leverage trusted c-suite expertise while remainining financially lean and nimble. We help you set the right strategic foundation, and then hit the ground running to tactically execute quickly.

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Marketing & GTM Advisory

We advise founders and executive teams on how to create and scale long-term growth and focus GTM motion as they move through different growth inflection points.

Whether it’s providing guidance, roadmaps, or acting as a sounding board, we have your back and are your thought partner.

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rippler group products

Marketing Consulting

You have backlogs of projects you’re putting off that can make a difference, long-term. Why wait? We work with you on specific and defined projects. 

These projects could cover content marketing, demand generation, growth hacking, workshops, marketing operations, team build, and more.

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Targeted Audits

You don’t know what you don’t know. With years of experience and expertise in marketing and GTM strategies, we provide category, functional, and project audits to help you firm up outcomes. 

Leaders need support and other perspectives to succeed, and our focused audits can help you root out missteps. 

AI Marketing Advisory

Artificial intelligence is changing marketing, are you ready? We offer simple low-cost high-touch AI Marketing advisory programs to help your marketing teams leverage the latest AI marketing tools.

Our offerings help you navigate the confusing landscape of AI tech and inject it into your workflows to increase efficiency and productivity.

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Creative Production

Design is our heart and soul. Design shouldn’t only evoke emotion, but engagement as well. For us, great design is more than just an aesthetic element; it can change the way customers perceive your brand. We create design that communicates your brand’s story.

From marketing assets to branding to user experiences, we’ve got you covered with anything to do with creative. 

our experience

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems.

Our founders are experienced marketing strategists with a track record for success. They know how to grow businesses and scale marketing teams.



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Projects Completed

Neha Goel | CMO & Marketing Strategist

Neha is a transformational marketing executive and go-to-market leader with over 15 years of experience building, expanding, and accelerating growth for early-stage B2B startups.  

Throughout her career, she’s focused heavily on revenue growth acceleration and brand value creation in the talent/HR tech, staffing, and procurement/spend management spaces, holding marketing leadership roles across multiple early-stage startups and across several exits. Neha’s also worked with several companies who are expanding their services businesses into a SaaS offering.

Her core strengths include rapidly pivoting strategies and making data-driven decisions, defining and refining categories and messaging, modernizing and transforming marketing organizations, and developing impactful teams that create value. Neha is a hands-on growth-focused leader with an equal love for both strategy and execution.

Neha is on multiple advisory boards and committees of companies in the Talent Tech, Blockchain, and Identity Management space, and is part of several communities aimed at improving opportunities for female executive leaders. She is passionate about projects that can ignite enthusiasm in team members and create simple and impactful messaging that elevates a company’s culture while boosting the bottom line. She loves to help innovative early-stage B2B tech startups grow and reach their revenue and business goals.

what makes us different

We understand that as companies enter the market with a killer solution, their needs are broad, unique, and involved. Whether it’s helping you build your marketing organization from the ground up or reorganizing your existing marketing group around new goals, we can help.

CEOs and investors need to know that their growth programs are run by executives who are proven, can be trusted, and have seen it before. That’s why firms in B2B SaaS trust Rippler Group to accelerate their growth and bring their company to the next level. We deliver marketing, revenue/growth leadership, and operations built for scale, creating measurable campaigns that lead to repeatable revenue and predictable pipeline. Our consulting services offer you answers to questions you didn’t even know you needed to be thinking about.    

With the Rippler Group, you won’t see the same pre-packaged processes applied to different challenges. What you will see is a highly nimble, highly collaborative team that approaches marketing problems from every possible angle. And considers every possible medium. You’ll see insight and intuition that leads to unexpected solutions. Most importantly, you’ll see results.

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