“Some of Utmost’s core values include “Ownership”, “Curiosity”, and “Best Self”. Neha exemplified all of these. She built and led our marketing function. Always worked with grit and determination, taking smart risks and bringing her best self forward through purpose, authenticity, and integrity.

Neha has considerable knowledge of contemporary marketing strategies. Her experience in B2B SaaS marketing and knowing how to navigate the unique challenges of the contingent workforce/staffing segment were of enormous value as we grew the business. A start-up environment is alway challenging and marketing a new tech is especially grueling, but she understands the market and how to get it done even with limited resources.

Beyond building out and operationalizing the marketing function, Neha really embraced the challenge and opportunity of repositioning the company to drive pipeline momentum, supporting it with clever and strategic execution across multiple channels (for example, market leader placements in analyst reports, brand opportunities, community building, website revamps, and more). She’s a dynamic leader that propelled Utmost forward and I strongly recommend Neha and Rippler Group to any business needing top-shelf marketing strategy and execution!”

Paddy Benson

Co-Founder & CTO, Utmost

“Neha has a rare trinity of qualities: creativity, intelligence, and humility. She is an excellent product marketer who possesses the gift of strategy in product positioning skills and excels in messaging to customers. She is a great leader who always leads by example and is universally loved by her customers, employees and fellow executives. Whether it’s a presentation in a small room or a keynote for a large audience, Neha is an amazing, captivating speaker who leaves us feeling a little more intelligent after her sessions. I’ve really enjoyed working with her. You will be lucky to have Neha and Rippler Group involved in your journey.”

Ammu Warrier

Co-Founder and President , DCR Workforce

“I’ve worked with a number of designers in my career and Rippler Group is the best by far!

Working with Raul really opened my eyes to the benefits of having a seriously talented, professoinal designer on a resource. At Icon Design & Consulting, I’ve worked with him on several projects ranging in size and scope from small pieces to larger complex deliveriables with multiple stakeholders and exteremly short timelins, and have been blown away by how good he is.

Rippler Group is exactly what you want from a creative agency; someone who can build a brand, extend the creative understanding of the product/solution, and partner with marketing, sales, and executive teams to ensure the most efficient campaigns.”  

Jereann Zann

President, Icon Design & Consulting

“’Neha Goel is a force to be reckoned with. She has an incredible understanding and track record of how to create, scale and cultivate a brand within a community. In the startup world, leaders need to quickly build a strong strategy, align it cross-functionally and execute on it with very little staff. She is a hands-on leader who understands that the best leaders are the ones with the grit and who are in the trenches with their team. She built a team that took on monster projects for Utmost and grew our brand recognition (and respect) dramatically over a very short period of time. Neha continued to look to try new things and push aging standards to new levels. Ever the professional, she has a great blend of authenticity, an example of what listening looks like and a clear communicator of boundaries and objectives. I truly hope to work with Neha again.”

Erika Novak

Head of Client Services & Customer Success, Utmost

“’Neha is one of the most accomplished, professional, strategic managers I’ve had the pleasure of working with in this industry. She is always looking ahead to what’s coming next, is flawlessly prepared, and a true professional in everything she does. I learned so much reporting to her, including grace under pressure, how to get things done with a small team, the importance of brand and culture, and what true teamwork looks like. She is one of the best marketers I’ve seen, is highly dedicated to her work and her team, and understands exactly what it takes to build a brand into a market leader. Any company would be lucky to have her.”

Julie Scagell

Director of Content Marketing, Workllama

“Raul is a powerhouse creative director with a wealth of knowledge in all areas related to branding, design and art direction, as well as marketing initiatives that drive our brand and revenue. He works fluidly in all aspects of the development and production of visual content and creative assets – and can ideate and execute an entire brand creative vision as well as design and create collateral, presentations, and websites from the ground up. He works hand-in-hand with partners across all departments and is able to skillfully take input, direction, and feedback to execute meaningful creative solutions. He is organized and has an incredible work ethic – it’s not uncommon for him to be ahead of every single program, opportunity or challenge we’ve faced! He has a great ability to read a room (or Zoom) and brings a great attitude and collaborative spirit to all he does – making him a pleasure to work with. I can’t speak highly enough of Raul and hope to work with him again in the future.”

Emilia Doerr

VP, Marketing, Colossus

“’How do you describe the best? Hard to sum up my 18 months under the guidance of Neha who led marketing at Utmost. But here goes. There is no one who is more balanced between marketing art and science than Neha. She’s passionate about building effective and impactful messaging, driving a team to develop campaigns that will elicit behavioral responses, and then being data-focused for optimization. Neha practices this balance of art and science and inspires, coaches and manages others around her to do the same, and that is what makes her the most well-rounded marketing leader I’ve had the pleasure of working with in the last decade of my career. I had the privilege of working with Neha at Utmost, and if I’m lucky, will have the opportunity to do so again. Any company would be lucky to have Neha as its CMO, and should prepare for a level of marketing performance and accountability surpassing anything they’ve ever seen before.”

Bhumika Khona

Director of Demand Gen, Utmost

“Neha Goel was a very innovative and results driven marketing executive who took DCR’s marketing which was in its infancy to new levels, using strategies in brand building, demand generation, event management and corporate communication. Neha was instrumental in managing and nurturing the product brand strategy as well as building energy within her team and the organization. She had a clear understanding of the tactical steps we need to take to achieve the goals from the smaller events and campaigns, and building a relationship with the partners for joint marketing. I personally thank Rippler Group for designing the website and bringing a modern contemporary flavor which accurately depicts our innovation and disruption in the VMS space.”

Naveen Dua

Co-Founder & CEO, DCR Workforce

“Raul is extraordinary. He is creative, customer focused, efficient, effective and kind. I had the pleasure of employing Raul as a Creative Arts Director at Colossus. Raul was able to take our complex technical plans and idea and turn them into beautiful marketing, sales and strategic pieces. Raul is a wonderful mix of technical and artistic. I know with certainty I will be hiring Raul and working with Rippler Group again in the future.”

Heather Griffin

Co-CEO & President, Residential Solar

“’I worked with Neha for a little over a year. Neha is great to work with and she knows and understands the CWM industry and SaaS model very well. She provides very creative ideas on how to best market products. I would recommend Rippler Group to any organization looking for someone who is both a creative brand strategist and an effective leader.”

Mouhanad Abbas

SVP, Operations & Technology Innovation, Simplify Workforce

“’I’ve worked closely with Neha for over two years, and what struck me most about her from the beginning was her extreme dedication to contributing to our company’s vision. She understood that her role provided a mission-critical service to the company and continued pushing the industry’s limits to create innovative marketing ideas. Under her leadership, the first industry podcast was formed, having buyers share their experience managing external programs. She also created a slack community that buyers managed that allowed them to ask questions and mentor each other. These were just a few examples of Neha’s actions that helped elevate our company’s brand recognition by doing something different and impactful.

Neha has a strong knowledge of overall marketing strategy with lead generation and brand recognition and thrives in fast-paced environments. What felt like a daily basis (which is a good thing), she and her team uncovered insights we could use in our go-to-market sales pitches. Her relentless curiosity in the industry kept our company competitive, and she is passionate about closing deals.

If you’re looking for someone who’s not afraid to roll up her sleeves to get the work done, challenges the norm, does her research, and has an eye on the customer experience – here she is.”

Latasha Esperon

Head of PreSales, Utmost

“’Ridiculously efficient’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Neha. I’ve worked closely alongside Neha since the the beginning of 2018. In this time, I’ve seen her not only excel at leading marketing organizations, but also tackle time-intense critical projects with a calm demeanor and a strategic mindset. As a marketing executive who understands all aspects of product marketing in the B2B SaaS market, Neha is very detailed in her approach and communication, metrics focused, and continually rolls-up her sleeves to get things done. She adds a level of focus and a solid framework for marketing success, supporting both our sales team and demand generation efforts. Never one to just execute an objective, she asks smart questions to ensure that efforts are really focused on the company’s objectives. As a team member or a leader, Neha and Rippler Group earns my highest recommendation.

Jonas Samsioe

VP/Head of Sales & Revenue Operations, Kaseya

“’Neha is one of the best leaders I’ve had the pleasure of working for. She is extremely driven and innovative, and has a unique passion for her work that everyone can see. Her dedication to her craft is inspiring, which has resulted in an impressive ability to coach and push her team to reach their full potential. She knows how to get things done and isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty- a sign of a true leader. I’m fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from her, and anyone would be lucky to have her on their team.”

Krystle Fabionar

Account Executive, Utmost

“’Neha is an extremely efficient and knowledgeable product marketing and brand leader. I had the pleasure of working with Neha for over 6 years at DCR Workforce. When she joined, she quickly immersed herself in the market, competitive landscape, and ecosystem that we were a part of so that she could make an immediate impact on the organization. Neha led our product marketing, demand generation, branding, digital presence, and events efforts, and built a team underneath her to go execute against a thoughtful, well-articulated marketing plan. She was a roll up the sleeves leader, who got in the trenches with the executive team to figure out how to scale the business, and her impact to our organization was massive.

There are few marketing leaders who can think big vision but also get in the weeds, and Neha is one of them! I highly recommend her and Rippler Group to any B2B SaaS firm looking to fuel their GTM initiatives.”

Mohanpreet Gujral

VP of Development, DCR Workforce

“Raul was an absolute pleasure to work with. From his creativity, to his professionalism, to his positive and solution oriented attitude and approach to projects. His final products speak for themselves, as he was always able to capture key ideas, sentiments, and messages and translate them into simple yet elegant visual resources and templates. I would recommend working with Rippler Group on any project, particularly ones where a strong brand identity is an absolute must.”

Andrew Adams

Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Colossus

“’Neha is a career maker. As a master’s graduate, I was looking to get into the Saas space and got an opportunity to work under Neha at Utmost. Neha is an extremely hard-working boss who not only gives you space to grow and learn but also guides you through the process. I feel lucky and honored to have worked under her as it was the period where I have grown the most professionally and personally. Professionally Neha is a marketing genius, Utmost had gone through a big change and she single-handedly switched up the GTM strategy in no time. Neha also is full of new and innovative ideas to market and is not scared to try new things, not only implementing but making them a success is what I know Neha for. ”

Jaskaran Singh

Sales Development Representative, Utmost

“Raul is by far the best designer I’ve worked with. Over the past couple of years, I’ve worked very closely with him on numerous UX projects at Serious ERP (SERP) for our flagship product, as well as on corporate marketing and branding initiatives. His speed of execution and dedication to his craft makes him a strong member of the team. Raul’s ability to deliver simple solutions to complex problems coupled with his easy-going personality makes him perfect for our fast-moving startup environment. I’d highly recommend him and Rippler Group as an amazing resource to any firm looking to add creative firepower to their team.”

Roberto Rodriguez

Project Manager, Serious ERP